If You're Hiking in Idaho and Hear This Sound, Getaway – News Radio 1310 KLIX

Are you expecting a loud roar?  Possibly you would expect the animal to hiss.  Not in this case.  I came across this video on Vimeo.  It’s a female lion recorded by a wildlife camera.  She started chirping at one point.  Like your own house cat often does when looking out the window at birds.  She even sounds like a bird.
How do I know it’s a female mountain lion?
Terry Thompson from Idaho Fish and Game identified the sound for me.  Mommas will often make this sound when their kittens are nearby.  It’s a signal possibly to the babies and maybe even a warning for passersby.  Bears have similar reactions.  They’ll often pop their lips as a warning to keep away.  If you hear any of these things and want to live another day, getaway!  Don't turn and run but calmly back away.
Thompson joined us on Newsradio 96.1 FM and 1310 KLIX.  He suggests you need all of your own senses when you’re in areas where there is wildlife.  In Idaho, that can be around every corner.  If you’re hiking the idea is to soak up the outdoor experience.  Skip the earbuds and your favorite band.
You’ll enjoy the experience far better without scratches and bite marks.
Encounters with mountain lions are becoming far more common.  Not because there are more lions.  It’s because of the population growth in Idaho.  People are increasingly moving into the territory of animals.  If there’s going to be coexistence, then you need to respect your surroundings and the original inhabitants.