Purple Martinis make their debut on the Suncoast – WWSB

SARASOTA, Fla. (WWSB) – Sarasota is home to so many wildlife creatures that every day can feel like safari. A flock of feathery friends have been migrating to the Suncoast and attracting a lot of attention. Meet the Purple Martin, a bird with midnight black feathers and a purple sheen to it’s wing that has Sarasota bird watchers longing to get a closer look.
Terry Suchma spends her time running The Purple Martin Society, a group dedicated to providing refuge for the birds and their babies in multi-dwelling bird houses while offering group tours. ABC7 got an exclusive look during one of the group bird watching tours in the Celery Fields.
“We don’t want to keep the eggs or babies out too long, because the wind could change the temperature of the eggs.” Terry says as she shows off a nest of babies to a tour group.
While the Purple Martins aren’t quite snowbirds, they will be traveling through our region to the tropics of South America soon.
“They’re fantastic fliers, they’re wonderful singers, they just have such a social behavior that’s enjoyable to watch.”
Terry and her group find so much joy in bringing these special experiences to the public. It’s not every day they get to see mother nature like this so up close and personal.
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