One Of The Most Magical Places To Spot Migratory Songbirds In Connecticut Is Stratford Point – Only In Your State

You don’t have to be an avian expert to enjoy bird watching. Even if you can’t tell a painted bunting from a Northern mockingbird, there’s something so joyful about watching birds in Connecticut. The arrival of migratory songbirds marks the changing of the seasons. These feathered friends journey hundreds (in some cases, thousands) of miles to reach the Nutmeg State. Seeing the little birds pecking at your lawn lets you know warm weather will arrive soon. One place that’s excellent for bird watching in Connecticut is Stratford Point. This scenic area has been designated a bird sanctuary and it’s a haven for migratory songbirds in Connecticut.
For more information about Audubon Connecticut at Stratford Point, you can check out their Facebook.
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