Pair of Painted Finches – Central Queensland Today – CQ Today

Birds in our World with Keith Ireland
One text I read lists 24 different types of Finches that we have in Australia.
The majority have the basic word ‘Finch’ as their family name. A few others are known as ‘Firetails’ while the ‘Mannikins’ are another group as well. There are a couple of introduced species also.
I have seen where some Finches such as the Red-browed Finch have also been called ‘ Red-browed Firetails’ and ‘Red-browed Firetail Finches’. Others may also have two or three of these names as well.
This whole family of these birds all build nests out of grass, with a ball-like shape and an entrance on the side. Seeds are their major food item.
The pair of Painted Finches pictured here wouldn’t be found in our area.
Painted Finches are birds of the arid areas of Central and Northern Australia living in scrub country, spinifex regions and other rough territory, usually where water is not too far away. They have a simple diet because they search for their seeds where they have fallen to the ground.
I was fortunate enough to be able to photograph this pair while visiting friends on a holiday at Mount Isa. On the left is the female and the male can be distinguished by the red patch across the chest which the female does not have.
Although most pairs keep in the same vicinity, I was interested to see how this pair stayed almost side by side, landing on the same branch or stem close together. This may be a common trait for this species but I don’t know if that is the case.