The snow geese migration has begun — here's how you catch the bird-watching action – York Dispatch

Although it might look like a large blanket of snow has swept Middle Creek in Lancaster County, take a closer look.
The “snowflakes,” at second glance, are waddling around. 
About 100,000 snow geese flocked to the Middle Creek Wildlife Management Area recently, a crucial part of the birds’ yearly migration.
For the next few weeks, bird enthusiasts in Central Pennsylvania are encouraged to go to Middle Creek, located at 100 Museum Road in Stevens, to get a glance at the snow geese and tundra swans in action.
According to Dan Hinnebusch, the store ornithologist for Wild Birds Unlimited in Springettsbury Township, these birds typically flock to Middle Creek between late February and early March.
Middle Creek, according to an email from Hinnebusch, is the perfect place for the birds to stop and refuel as they continue their journey north. 
Snow geese in eastern North America typically spend the winter along the Atlantic Coast, with large numbers living in the Chesapeake and Delaware bays, Hinnebusch said.
“Don’t miss your chance to see so many of these beautiful white birds,” Hinnebusch added. “It will take your breath away when you see tens of thousands take off all at once and fly right over your head.”
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