Speak Out: Putin and Trump cut from the same cloth; Doritos described as 'fuel for destruction' is LOL funny; birdwatching season's underway – Chicago Tribune

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Thugs never change: In crossing the border into Ukraine, Vladimir Putin didn’t just violate the sovereignty of a free and independent nation but he admitted to the civilized world that he was a monster. And in taking Putin’s side, Donald Trump proved once and for all the old adage that when it comes to thugs, it takes one to know one!
No protect quack doctors: There are a small number of doctors who used unproven recommendations or procedures for their followers when referencing the COVID-19 vaccination and treatment. In doing so, many states are now preparing laws to excuse or protect those few doctors from any punishment. I can’t agree with that response when the fact is a number of lives were increasingly risked or lost because of a doctor trust that was not based on proven scientific evidence.
Pritzker’s words aren’t law: Regarding our fantastic Gov. J.B. Pritzker, who is paying for him to send everything to the Illinois Supreme Court? Is he paying for it or do we have to pay for it? That man is getting away with everything. He thinks what he says is the law. Gee whiz, doesn’t anybody remember taking out toilets so he didn’t have to pay taxes.
Fuel for disruption? I went on the Doritos website recently. There, I found statement: “Doritos isn’t just a chip. It’s fuel for disruption. Our flavors ignite adventure and inspire action. With every crunch, we aim to redefine culture and support those who are boldly themselves.” I burst out laughing because it was so pitiful. Their marketing team laced it with trendy, progressive words. Who are they kidding? People don’t walk down the chip aisle and say “I need fuel for disruption!”
The double-talk special: Regarding former President Donald Trump’s comments about how proud he was, I guess, and how much a genius Putin is about how he invaded Ukraine, and then he turns around and says if he was president there’s no way this would have happened, he wouldn’t have allowed it. The guy is a complete nut case. Anybody who backs this guy for anything or supports him for anything is just as much a traitor as he is.
Bird watching paradise: Bird migration is in full swing. If you wake up just before the crack of dawn, you can hear the different songs of the birds passing through. And the Cooper’s hawk has come back to my feeder, sitting magnificently on my fence waiting for its next meal.
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